Elementary 1 (Grades 1-3)

Our Montessori lower elementary school drives, encourages and motivates our students as they embark on a new academic journey full of fun and challenges along the way. Here the children transition from the concrete to the abstract, broadening their worldview and emerging as critical thinkers. We aim to follow the child’s lead in their learning and development so that they are consistently engaged and excited by their own educational journey.

Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.


Spiritual Formation

“From the first moment that a student sets foot in a Catholic school, he or she ought to have the impression of entering a new environment, one illumined by the light of faith” With the advancement in academics the child also advances spiritually.

Our Catholic identity is inseparable from our mission to “enable each child to develop as a well‐integrated human being: spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally.” This is because the full development of the child demands spiritual development. It is a need that is innate to the human person. Our model is Christ Himself, who as a child under His parents’ care and guidance “grew in wisdom and stature before God and men.” (Lk 2:52).

We, at The Way Of The Shepherd Catholic Montessori school make sure that the spiritual well-being of a child is valued and his personality is developed in such a way that he becomes a person of principles and impeccable qualities. 

Academic Excellence

One of our fundamental values has always been the academic development of a child where they can uncover and discover new ideas and concepts. Our elementary classrooms strive to provide students with uninterrupted, independently-guided work cycles, the focus of the curriculum takes an exciting new step into the abstract.

Our teaching techniques are such that play with the children’s fully-active imaginations to excite them about the rest of the curriculum. While elementary students are certainly more focused on traditional academic areas, such as language, mathematics, and the sciences, we recognize that they need to continue to develop and hone their fine and gross motor skills which is very critical for their physical development. Often, fine motor skills are perfected through art materials, such as painting, coloring, the usage of tiny parts in our materials, through the practice of handwriting and other physical tasks. Our curriculum focuses on the development of a child from every aspect.

Social Responsibility

With the advancement in academics the social responsibility on the child also increases. At this age, children take another step in their social and moral journey and develop their value system where they can grow as social beings. Keeping this in mind, our Lower Elementary classroom puts an emphasis on collaborative work and whole group lessons, while still guiding each individual student on their own educational path.

Students are again given opportunities to teach younger students as well as other leadership opportunities to sharpen their leadership skills.

Indeed, with increased social interaction comes the possibility of conflict at every level, and to tackle these situations our highly trained, well educated Montessori lead and assistant teachers are always available to guide and support students as they learn to negotiate peacefully with others, to formulate effective problem solving strategies, and to come to a peaceful conclusion.

We understand that nurturing our students’ abilities to create and sustain positive relationships with their peers is very critical, because conflict without resolution can erode a child’s interest and ability to learn and advance. That can ultimately put a halt on the child’s learning interests.

The following subjects are taught in Elementary 1

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