Elementary II (Grades 4-6)

Our Montessori Upper Elementary program empowers students as they embark on a journey towards a more practical life, and to take full control over their academic progress, building confidence through their unique strengths and interests. As they spread their wings, they are ready to start their journey of success in their academics and facing new challenges. They are now prepared to take this journey into adolescence.

“Education must not simply teach work – it must teach Life.“


Spiritual Formation

As the students being to more deeply understand the meaning of life and the purpose of their existence, they also strengthen their faith which is extremely important as they are stepping out into the world. We consider it the responsibility of our Catholic school community – teachers, students, staff, parents – to “always and everywhere” translate the inspiration of Jesus into
real terms: in the classroom, in the church, in the atrium, in the hallway, on the playground, in the meeting room, and in the countless informal gatherings and conversations that make up the life of the community.

We believe that faith comes from practice, teaching, understanding, and the environment provided to the individual. We try to eradicate all the negatives from the environment. Secondly, faith should shape the curriculum, not by artificially trying to make the content Catholic, but by uniting all subjects within a Catholic world view, and that is exactly our goal.

Academic Excellence

More than ever before, children at this age are very curious to find out the why’s and the how’s. They have a zeal to explore complex ideas, and get ready to make new connections, both with ideas and people. We encourage students in developing their research, independent study and time management skills so they can learn to ask and answer their own questions independently. It is during these years, between the ages of nine and twelve, that children transition from learning to read to reading to learn. We provide all the necessary elements according to the requirement of each student that will help them to pursue their personal interests and passions, including the skills needed to plan and implement their own field trip experiences. For these experiences, students are guided as they independently research, plan and organize their own off-campus excursions which serves to deepen their understanding of curricular topics and help to build a connection with the world outside.

Social Responsibility

At this age children are eager to take on new responsibilities and to fulfill difficult tasks. They start to get aware of the social norms and develop ways to cope with them. We continue to support the ideas and interests of the students by providing group work, activities, projects, and leadership opportunities where students get a chance to lead from the front and to overcome hurdles.

These students, in their most critical period for social and moral development, are also beginning to gain a higher understanding of their place in their community and world. They begin to understand their value as an individual and how important of an asset they are for society.

To further encourage this development, every student is given opportunities to explore how they directly impact themselves, others, and their environment. This helps them develop themselves, respect for others, and respect for the  environment. They are also guided in catering to their needs on their own. These projects, which are primarily student-driven, empower them as they begin to set-off in this world.

The following subjects are taught in Elementary 2:

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