Why Choose WOS?

Honor the Child

WOS creates the space for a child’s full potential to unfold, encourages the innate interests of a student and watches for unique stages ripe for learning. At WOS, there is joy in questioning and wonder in seeking truth and the child is shown how he can direct his own learning.

Education for Life

WOS utilizes intentionally prepared classrooms, movement, freedom of choice, and strong peer relationships to foster an internal discipline. Our teachers guide students in their independent work as they learn how to learn.

Like A Family
Like A Family

WOS fosters the dignity and freedom of each child. We give children a “casa” or “house” of their own and teach them to engage it with ownership, respect, and mutual cooperation. Our families provide an environment of love and comfort, being the “village” that it takes to raise a child.

Harmony of Traditions
Harmony of Traditions

WOS engages the life of learning with its key component, a life in God.
WOS prepares students to be lovers of learning—
for life, to develop their curiosity and interest in the world around them. WOS maintains a Montessori approach to academics which is consistent through all grades.

“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.”

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