The Way of the Shepherd Annual Appeal

2020 – 2021 Annual Appeal Current Status


The Way of the Shepherd Catholic Montessori School Annual Appeal is the school’s yearly giving campaign. Each donation made directly to The Way of the Shepherd is considered part of the Annual Appeal campaign. In this way, we can stay in communication with our friends and supporters with the hope that they will continue to be part of our mission each year. It is an appeal to all of our friends and families, so that everyone can be part of our mission and vision for Catholic Montessori education. Your gift, no matter the amount, is welcomed and appreciated. Our school is facing several financial challenges, including the additional resources required for COVID-19 compliance. We will make it through these tough times, but only if we gather all our support, to meet these urgent needs. We appreciate that for some families, making a donation is a real sacrifice, so we humbly ask for your prayerful consideration to give according to the best of your ability. It is encouraged, moreover, to encourage other family members to support our school, for your testimony is very effective. For all our alumni, we ask you to consider how a Catholic Montessori education has been a blessing in your life – and then invite you to help make that possible for future students. We challenge you to give back in the amount of your graduation year (i.e. $20.05 for those who graduated in 2005). This is a beautiful opportunity for you to show your school pride and gratitude for all those who helped make your education possible. Now, you can make it a reality for future students! We ask you to prayerfully consider a gift to Way of the Shepherd as part of your yearly giving.

Annual Appeal FAQ

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