“I never teach my pupils;
I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”

Albert Einstein

We are pleased you are interested in career opportunities at The Way of the Shepherd Catholic Montessori School. Working for Way of the Shepherd is a challenging and rewarding experience. We have outstanding faculty and staff and seek individuals who are committed to fulfilling the school’s mission and carrying out the vision of our board of trustees and our leadership team.

The Way of the Shepherd is dedicated to academic excellence and to the parallel development of mind, body, and faith as it educates young students for success in college and for lives of integrity and responsible citizenship.

The Way of the Shepherd Catholic Montessori School continually seeks teaching candidates who reflect these qualities themselves; who possess the communication skills to guide students in meaningful and productive ways; who are passionate about teaching and learning, as well as their subject areas; and who can make positive contributions to the Montessori environment at the school.

“I was a substitute teacher for various public and private schools before coming to The Way of the Shepherd. Compared to other schools, the children at Way of the Shepherd are much more peaceful and have a genuine love for learning. The Catholic faith is not a class at our school but is beautifully brought into all subjects and lived. I’m honored to be part of the staff here, part of a team striving to lead souls to Heaven and guiding them to learn, develop, and be the best they can be.”

-Molly Kavanaugh, Adolescents Guide

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