Mr. William Goodwin- Sport and Glorifying the Lord

On Friday, Mr. William Goodwin came to visit the A1 classroom and shared about SPORTS. An avid basketball player himself, he shared about his own journey of athleticism. He discussed the joy of going to the gym and playing on the court, he talked about the strategies of basic plays, and he shared about who his favorite teams are now. However, he went beyond just talking ABOUT basketball. He discussed what he had learned from it and how it shaped his character and how it is such a metaphor for his relationship with the Lord.
He discussed the importance of teamwork in basketball – that everyone does better when everyone does better. How oftentimes one needs to be humble and pass the ball and give up the limelight for the good of the team rather than taking the chance for a crowd roaring three-pointer. He discussed the need for patience in basketball and the recognition of the process it takes to play – the training, practices, and long season – and that the process is what is fulfilling rather than simply winning every game. Finally, he discussed the joy that comes from using your gifts – that God has given us certain talents and that we have a responsibility to use them the same as in basketball as in academics or arts. 
Finally, Mr. Goodwin discussed how basketball is a metaphor for his relationship with the Lord. That in basketball, as the season progresses, there is more pressure to win, to perform, to work harder as a team. But as you work harder, as you practice more, the responsibility always increases. He said the same is with prayer and a relationship with the Lord. The more we pursue the Lord in prayer, the more responsibility he gives us to grow in virtue, to grow in holiness, and to work harder to bring about the kingdom.
He encouraged the adolescents to play hard in whatever sport or activity they are in – to give themselves 100%. He encouraged them to recognize how sports and activities are forming their characters – challenging them in humility, patience, and other virtues. Finally, he encouraged them to run after the Lord in prayer just as in sports you pursue the win by putting in hard work and determination. 

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