Occupations in A1

A unique part of the Adolescent classroom is the focus on practical life skills of a more advanced kind. As of yet, the Adolescents had a concentrated time of learning practical life skills at the Erdkinder trip, but they have also greatly enjoyed our past occupational unit of baking.

Under the tutelage of Mrs. Madonna Post, they have learned how to make applesauce, apple crisp, and banana bread. They have had the great pleasure of serving their final products to the guests in our classroom as well. Not only do they begin to understand the scientific process of baking and the delicate balance of ingredient and heat, but they have a sense of leadership and purpose as they move around the kitchen. After each lesson on baking, they write the recipe on their own card to create their own recipe repertoire. 

It is a joy to see them moving around the kitchen, laughing, confident in their abilities, and  proud of their final scrumptious products.

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