Seder Meal 2018

Next week, the students will complete their Lenten Journey in the classroom. As a group we will focus on the “Triduum”, the final three days of Jesus’ life before His passion and death, with an emphasis on the Resurrection. 

On Tuesday, March 27th your student will experience a simplified version of the traditional Jewish Seder meal, also known as “Passover” or the “Feast of the Unleavened Bread.” Each year, Jewish people around the world gather together to celebrate this festival as a memorial celebration; a celebration of God’s saving act over 3,000 years ago, when the Israelite people were freed from slavery in Egypt. As Christians it is our heritage too; it was during this meal that Jesus instituted the Eucharist as the fulfillment of God’s promise of salvation to His people. 

The Adolescent community will join the Children’s House Seder Meal on South Campus, assuming a leadership role by arranging the tables forming a large cross, preparing the plates, participating in the prayers and sampling the traditional foods while taking turns reading aloud the questions asked during the meal. In addition, we have invited Mr. John and Amy Ballin to be the leaders of the Seder Meal. Mr. Ballin has a background in speaking Hebrew and singing the traditional prayers! We are so blessed and honored to have their presence leading us in the traditional Jewish language. You are encouraged to please check the separate classroom websites to view special moments of this day.

In closure of our solemn day, we will reflect upon the Paschal Mystery with the Catholic tradition of “The Stations of the Cross”. 

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