Abraham Typology

The fifth grade children have completed a lengthy study of Abraham which they began at the end of September. Through their reading of Scripture they have traced the family tree of Abraham from Terah to the Twelve Tribes of Israel. They have also pondered the importance of Abraham as our “Father in Faith” and the covenant God established with Abraham and his descendants. The following is a compilation of their personal thoughts (shared collectively) on the parallels between Isaac and Jesus particularly as related to the Genesis 22, ‘The Sacrifice of Isaac.”

Parallels between Isaac and Jesus

Isaac                                                        Jesus
Abraham                                                  God
Sacrifices offered by Abraham                 Jesus died for us / Jesus sacrificed himself for us
God                                                          God
Altar                                                          Table at Last Supper / Altar at Church
Thorny bushes                                          Crown of Thorns
Servants left Abraham and Isaac             Apostles left Jesus
Angel                                                        Angel at the Tomb
Abraham saddles his donkey                   Jesus rode a donkey
Wood carried by Isaac                             Cross carried by Jesus
Knife for killing Isaac                                Spear that went into Jesus’ side
Fire to begin sacrifice                               Whip used on Jesus
“On the third day” they saw Mt. Moriah    Jesus rose on the third day
Place where servants waited                    Upper Room where Apostles waited
One of the heights / Mt. Moriah                Mt. Calvary   
​Ram                                                          Jesus / Simon      

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