One of the beautiful practices we have re-committed to as a school during this second half of the year is offering all of our children a monthly opportunity for adoration. Because we are split between two campuses this year it took a bit of time to work out the logistics for this liturgical opportunity, but it is so beautiful to finally be able to be able to open it up to the children! One Wednesday morning each month, following the Level I, Children’s House Atrium session, Mrs. Fran Erling leads the North Campus 4th-6th grade and Children’s House children, in small groups, in a 15-20 minute time of adoration. On South Campus, during one Friday morning each month, Ms. Marilyn Smith leads small groups of 1st-3rd grade children, followed by small groups of three year olds through kindergarteners, in ten to fifteen minute visits to Jesus, truly present in the Eucharist, displayed within the monstrance. Both adults have commented on how beautiful this practice is for the children (and themselves!) and how fifteen minutes leaves the children longing for even more time with Jesus as their time is filled with Scripture, song, words of adoration and thanks, and periods of silence. How beautiful it is to have the opportunity to adore our good and loving God.

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