Advent Celebration


Each year we end our preparation for Christmas as a school with an Advent Celebration. This year we had two smaller celebrations, one on each of our two campuses. The Adolescents planned and led the celebration on our North Campus while I had the gift of joining the celebration on our South Campus. As we lit each candle of the Advent wreath we pondered its meaning:

The first candle is for hope. The children, 3 years through 3rd grade, said…
– Jesus came to save us. That gives us hope.
– Because He is the light for everyone.
– Because He brings us love.

The second candle is for peace. We pondered the prophecy of Isaiah 11:6-9…
– Animals are peaceful together.
– A child leads them.
– Knowledge of the Lord covers the earth like water.
– It sounds like Parousia!

The third candle is for joy. The children shared who received joy from Jesus…
– Mary.
– John the Baptist.
– The shepherds.
– The kings.
– Elizabeth.
– All of us!

The fourth candle, which we did not light, is for love. The children shared…
– Jesus loves us.
– Jesus dies for us to save us.
– AND He is risen!
– Jesus is the light and He brings us love.

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