Christ is Risen! Truly, He is Risen!

The Upper Elementary children (E2 / Level III) spent two hours preparing to lead the Liturgy of the Light celebration for the entire school. They read through their assigned readings, they walked through the movements, they practiced both together, and then even had five minutes to spare before the Atrium began to fill with children. Beginning with the Dressing of the Easter Candle, moving through the Exultet and readings from Scripture including Matthew’s account of the Resurrection, and into a renewal of the Baptismal Promises, the children were truly led in prayer, song, and silence. Each child was called by name and received a candle lit from the Paschal / Easter Candle.
From one light came many lights.

After Children’s House, Lower Elementary, and Adolescents had left the Atrium, the Upper Elementary children took some time to reflect. The original “ending” to our prayer showed the Good Shepherd surrounded by the individual candles of the children. However, some felt it would be better to have the Easter Candle behind the Good Shepherd. In the end, though, they decided that just the Paschal Candle surrounded by the children’s candles was best because it was the clearest sign of the Good Shepherd surrounded by His sheep, the Light surrounded by His light. God is truly so good!

​One sign of His great, great goodness was the blessing of First Sacraments and entry into the Sheepfold for several Way of the Shepherd children! Congratulations to all those who were welcomed into the Catholic Church this Easter. We are so grateful to have you with us!!

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