Gestures: The Lavabo

The gesture of the Lavabo or the Washing of the Hands is one of the final gestures presented in the Level I Atrium. Why wait so long when this gesture follows the Preparation of the Chalice in the celebration of the Eucharist? We present this one gesture out of sequential order because the children have shown us they need to be closer to the second plane of development (ages 6-12) and the ability to abstract which comes with this new stage. The priest doesn’t come to Mass with dirty hands each day. He is using this gesture to pray for a much deeper cleansing. The children, once they connect this gesture to Baptism, are quick to announce that in this gesture the priest is asking God to wash the deepest part of himself, his soul. And what gesture does he do next? A gesture where his hands are used to ask for the greatest of gifts? Watch with your children this Sunday when you are at Mass!!

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