The Liturgical Calendar, Part 2


Earlier this year I posted on the Liturgical Calendar. I shared how the 1st-3rd grade children learn to label each prism of the calendar as one of the Sundays of the liturgical year, learning that each Sunday has a unique name. Then, in 4th-6th grade they might also look at the Feasts and Solemnities of the Church that are tied to a specific date. This year one very persistent third grader spent multiple Atrium sessions attempting to “get to the other tickets” and one day he made it all the way! The white tickets, shown in the picture of his work, are those which correspond with each Sunday. The yellow tickets add the Holy Days of Obligation (excepting the Ascension which, in our Diocese, is celebrated on the Seventh Sunday of Easter). To determine where these tickets fit, we looked at a published calendar for the current year and fit the tickets between the appropriate Sundays. Finally, this child was able to reach the tan tickets – something I’ve never had an E1 child interested in before! – and he labeled all additional feasts and solemnities of the year. While these extra tickets will not be found in every Atrium, their presence as an extension to the Liturgical Calendar were much appreciated and well used this year in our Atrium!
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