Our Father

Sofia Cavalletti speaks about the Our Father…

“Among the teachings of Jesus, the Our Father has a privileged place in our catechesis since it is also included in the content of the 3-6 Atrium. This is keeping with our rule, ‘give the greatest things to the youngest children.’ Thus, after pondering the great parables of the Kingdom with the youngest children we pray with them, ‘your kingdom come’ both in words and in song, but no more than that.” (Level III CGS DVD)

Earlier this year we looked at the Synthesis of the Our Father done by the Level III or 9-12 year old children.

The Our Father is also lifted up in the Level II or 6-9 year old Atrium. On the First Sacraments Retreat the children are invited to prepare their own copy. Here are several examples of this prayer which unites us all with Jesus as family, written and embellished by the children on retreat this year.

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