Our Final Week of Christmas

What a gift to continue our celebrations! The world has moved on, but we continue to rejoice and celebrate the great gift of Jesus, God and man, one of us yet God Himself! Here are a few “treats” from the children…

The Prophecy of the Birthplace (Micah 5:1a)

  • Catechist: “Bethlehem is ‘least.’ What else is little like Bethlehem?” Children: “The Mustard Seed.” “The Pearl.” “The manger.” “Jesus.” “The water in the chalice.” “The paten and the chalice.” “Mary.”

The Prophecy of the Mother (Isaiah 7:14)

  • Catechist: “What is so special about Mary?” Children: “She’s holy.” “She was made special by God.” “She’s the Queen of Heaven and Earth.”

The Nativity and Adoration of the Shepherds

  • 3-year-old, working quietly on her own, holding the angel in the air and speaking to the shepherds: “Baby Jesus is born. Don’t be afraid. Go find him with Mary.”

​The Presentation in the Temple

  • Catechist: “If you were Anna, what would you say to people?” 6-year-old child: “The Great Light is here. Don’t be afraid. Jesus is born!”
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