Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

The 2018 Liturgical Year has come to an end and the new year has begun with the season of Advent. This past week in the Atrium we pondered Jesus the King. How Dr. Montessori and Sofia Cavalletti must be enjoying this “cosmic” feast! 

Level I:
Catechist: “What is the Kingdom?”
4-year-old: “It’s a little like church.”
Catechist: “Why?”
4-year-old: “Because church is a little like heaven.”
Catechist: “Tell me more.”
4-year-old: “Heaven is the Kingdom and at church we get a little of heaven.”

Level II:
Catechist: “What is the Kingdom?”
2nd Grader: “It’s us.”
Catechist: “Tell me more.”
2nd Grader: “Well, on Sunday I heard that Jesus told Pontus Pilate that his kingdom wasn’t of this world.”
Catechist: “So, aren’t we of this world?”
2nd Grader: “But our souls aren’t.”

Level II:
Catechist: “What is the Kingdom?”
– “Parousia.”
– “Heaven.”
– “Church, because Jesus lives there.”
– “Our hearts, because Jesus lives there!”
– “The stars and the planets and everything He made!”
– “It’s like a Mustard Seed, a treasure buried in a field, a pearl.”

Level III:
“What is Jesus the king of? Well…the universe. But we are talking about God’s kingdom – Heaven. He is also the king of the world. He created it. He is the Good Shepherd. To earn a title like that, you would have to be the king, well, of the world. Our Lord, the King of the World, YHWH.”

“Jesus is King of all things. He is the one true God. His kingdom is perfect. It shall have no end. In his kingdom, there is no crying, sadness, bullying, fighting, or dying. Jesus Christ, creator of heaven and earth, come be with us!”

“Jesus is the king of heaven. He came down to earth to save us so we can go to heaven. In heaven, there are no tears. There is no fighting and no unhappiness, just like Jesus as a child.

“God is King of Heaven and his kingdom is in Parousia. He loves everyone. I love him.”

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