The Kingdom of God

As the Upper Elementary children begin their new year in the Atrium, we always take time to start with the Great Lesson of the Plan of God. This “lesson” presents the “big picture” of God’s interaction with humanity from preparing the earth for us to preparing a place for us to desire and long for and one day join Him in forever.

This year I began by asking the 4th-6th graders what they already knew about the Kingdom of God. Here are their responses…
– It’s like a Mustard Seed.
– It’s like a Pearl.
– In the Kingdom of God you are never too old.
– There’s no sickness, no sadness or worry.
– It’s like Parousia.
– It IS Parousia.
– It’s a banquet that never ends.
– It’s like the Found Coin that the woman rejoices over.
– It’s everything but more.
– We don’t know much about it, but what we know is great!

Then I asked what they knew about God’s Plan.
– He created the earth and gave us freedom.
– Then His Plan is that all of us go to heaven.

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