Montessori Education

Guides, Not Teachers

Montessori teachers are referred to as Guides because they assist children to find and explore their strengths within the prepared learning environment. A Guide tailors herself to “lead from behind” the unique individuals in her classroom and ultimately strives to let children work at their own pace while fostering both independent and social growth.

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Practical Life Education

New Montessori parents are often surprised by the effects that Practical Life education can have on their children. These students are washing dishes, sewing clothing, helping with laundry and preparing their own snacks. This freedom exhibited in the classroom extends to the home as children ably take on responsibilities beyond what is traditionally expected of

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Pink Tower

The Pink Tower is an iconic sensorial Montessori material used to directly promote coordination and precision through visual deciphering. Indirectly, however, it will allow children to intuitively understand systems like base ten that are the foundation for later mathematics. Math makes sense for Montessori students because materials like the Pink Tower turn an abstract concept

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The Abacus

As one of the greatest inventions of ancient times, the abacus was used by merchants and traders across the globe to tally their earnings and do business. Our children use them to learn the process of high volume arithmetic and gain a firm understanding of the work they are doing.

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