Respect, Concentration & Montessori Method

We talked about respect this week. Respect must be flourishing throughout our environment. We need to have respect for the materials, environment, adults, and the children. Being respectful can mean returning the materials on the tray in the proper order so it’s ready for the next child. It can mean pushing in your chair, walking around someone’s work, using proper manners, and using kind words. This is something that we will continue to work on all year because we can always be more respectful. 

“As soon as children find something that interests them, they lose their instability and learn to concentrate.” 

I really appreciate this quote because it is visible in the environment! The children are blossoming into their interests and deep concentration is happening. Everyday I observe something new about a child and it refreshes my love for the Montessori method. A highlight of some of the presentations given this week include; the number rods (to help the child associate the names of the numbers one to ten with their precise quantity or meaning), sewing a button (coordination of movement, life skill, concentration), wood polishing (cycle of activity, order, care of environment), and introduction to decimal cards (to help the children become familiar with the graphic symbols representing the categories of the decimal system). 

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