Gourds, Fatima, Helfulness

We had some really lovely days this week. After visiting a pumpkin patch, I was inspired to pick up some gourds for our environment. Each child got to choose a gourd to wash, scrub, and take home! It was so fun to see how excited the children were over this simple work. Our goal was to have each child also decorate the gourds but sadly, the gourds shelf-life was running out of time. However, a great Saturday morning activity could be to paint, color, apply stickers, glitter, etc. to your child’s gourd! 

​To honor the 100 year anniversary of Fatima on Friday morning, we read “The Story of our Lady of Fatima.” The children seemed very interested in the lives of Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta. We also said a decade of the Rosary. We asked the children to open their ears and hearts to listen to what the Lord is calling them to do. After our gathering about Fatima, many children felt called to say a prayer in front of the prayer table. It was so beautiful to see! 

​We talked about helpfulness this week. Being in a Montessori environment with children who are 3-6, it is so important that our children are helpful to each other. It sometimes comes naturally to the children when they see a 3 year old needing help picking something up or rolling a mat, the older children gravitate to help them. However, we can always work on helpfulness and we talked about how it can extend to outside at recess and at home. The children came up with many ways they could be helpful at home and at school. 

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