Our Lady of Guadalupe

 This week we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. On Wednesday, we begin the feast day with Mass, then returning to school for a little celebration. In our gatherings this week, I read the children the story of  Juan Diego. Next, I brought in a special painting; a “tilma” that showcases the beautiful Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. In our prayer, we gathered all together and reverently prayed one decade of the Holy Rosary.
           In addition,  I introduced  a beautiful collection of music focused on Spanish instrumentals. In our prayer, I introduced the sign of the cross in Spanish. After our performance of signing Silent Night in Spanish, this was greatly received. At our snack table on this day, our  special snack will be chips and mango salsa.
         This past week, we were blessed with a bouquet of beautiful red roses and Lilly’s for flower arranging. The roses  eventually lost their luster and bowed their heads for their final bloom.  Today, after hearing the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the part of the roses of Castile the children continued the gift of the flowers. They brought the roses out to the Mary Garden and sprinkled the petals around the Mary statue in the snow. It was beautiful to observe.

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