Peak of the Day

The children seem to be settling into the routine of school and that is truly wonderful to observe. We are making progress every day. We are still working on many grace and courtesy lessons such as how to push in your chair, how to put work away, how to say “excuse me,” and how to use the peace rose. It is so fun to see these lessons in action. 
For the past two weeks, we have begun a new tradition at lunch time. We call it our “peak of the day.” This is a time where each child, if they’d like to, can share what his/her favorite moment of the day or week was with the lunch table. It has been so special to hear each child’s peak of the day! This time to share your peak of the day requires the other children to actively listen and wait for their turn to share. Sometimes it sparks more conversations at the lunch table or follow up questions. A few peaks this past week were going on a family trip, going on an airplane, having a new baby brother, celebrating a birthday, anticipating the apple orchard field trip, and having fun at recess. When I decided to try doing our peak of the day, I didn’t know if the children would be interested in this idea. To my surprise, everyday a different child asks me, “Can we do our peak of the day?” The answer is always yes! It is such an honor to be a part of your child’s life and hear about his/her peak of the day. 

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