What a Beautiful Day for a Walk

Wow what a beautiful day God has given to us today! The air was cool, the sun was bright and it was amazing for the children to enjoy a nature walk and some time to play at the park. We talked before we left about how the trees looked in the Fall when we went, and how the air felt and what kind of animals we saw. As we walked today,  we talked about how the trees were now different because it was the beginning of Spring, we saw a lot of bare trees and brown wet leaves on the ground. Not as colorful as the Fall, but a season of great hope for we know the green leaves will come and the beautiful flowers will grow. We also had a chance to observe the animals. We saw an albino squirrel, lots of ducks, loud geese landing in the water and one child even said they saw a fish pop up in the water. 

Earlier in the Week we read a book titled, “The listening Walk.” In the story a little girl talks about taking walks with her Father. They don’t talk to each other, they listen to all the sounds. She loved how peaceful these walks were and enjoyed observing everything around her. On our walk we took a few minutes to do a listening walk. It was amazing all of the sounds we could hear when we were quiet. 

The Children had a wonderful time at the park! It was fun to watch how they have all developed since the fall. The playground seemed more fitting for them this time around, they were able to climb with ease, jump, swing and even use the spinner. Amazing how much growth can happen in a few months! 

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