September Highlights

The new school year began with wonderful enthusiasm as our new Montessori community slowly came together in a beautiful way. Welcoming in nine new children ages 3 to 5 was a huge part of this excitement. In building community, the children connected with new friendships that offer help, encouragement, forgiveness and leadership.

One of the biggest highlights of this past month was the arrival of the Fire truck.  On September 8th, we had a Fire Safety lesson with all the children. At this time, Fire Fighter Steve talked to all  the children learned about safety in their home, outside the home and certainly here at school.

The children kept him busy asking great questions and observing every last detail of his truck. One child wanted to know, “Do you have an ax?’ while another child observed, ” the number three was on the door!” It is a valuable resource to have the fire department take time to educate the children. Fire safety drills and discussing objects that are not safe to touch is an  important part of being safe both at home and school.

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