Upper Elementary

Mass of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit was invited and HE CAME. Yesterday, the E2 and A1 groups went with 10 WOS adults to the U.S. Bank Vikings Stadium to attend the CSCOE Mass of the Holy Spirit. The students displayed their extraordinary leadership and witness amidst 13,000 other Catholic School Students through leading the rosaries on our bus […]

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E2 / Level III Atrium

Children busy at work… Researching St. Joan of Arc in order to add to a set of short reports on a variety of saints of personal interest. Drawing and labeling the items of the altar. Researching and recording personal and world events of the past century to ponder in light of God’s Plan. Creating a

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The Sunday Gospel

This year the Upper Elementary (4th – 6th grade) children have been tasked with finding, reading, and summarizing the upcoming Sunday’s Gospel each week. I have already heard some interesting discussions amongst the children regarding their thoughts on the “theme” or point Jesus was trying to make in a particular parable or teaching! In addition,

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The Kingdom of God

As the Upper Elementary children begin their new year in the Atrium, we always take time to start with the Great Lesson of the Plan of God. This “lesson” presents the “big picture” of God’s interaction with humanity from preparing the earth for us to preparing a place for us to desire and long for

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