Lower Elementary

The Call of the Prophet Isaiah

From the age of three, the children in the Atrium have been pondering messages of the prophets. A prophet has been defined for them as one who listens deeply to God and speaks His message to the people. The children have fallen in love with Isaiah’s Prophecy of the Light: “The people who walked in […]

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Elementary Atrium Begins

The elementary (Levels II and III) children also began their time in the Atrium last week! We began with a review of how the Atrium is different from other learning environments and also how it is different from the Church. Then we spent time talking about how to “live well” in this space together. Finally,

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From Children’s House to Elementary

As we approach the end of the school year, many of the Extended Day / Kindergarten children are approaching the Second Plane of Development, which, according to Maria Montessori, has very different developmental characteristics than the First Plane. Dr. Montessori recognized four distinct planes: First (0-6 years), Second (6-12 years), Third (12-18 years), and Fourth

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Second Year Crosses

The “all day in the Atrium” day finally arrived and it was celebrated with great peace, periods of remarkable silence, and much joy! To use the new favorite word to describe time in the Atrium…it was “phenomenal.” These crosses represent one visible “product” of a long year of intensive preparation for First Communion. Each child

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The Abacus

As one of the greatest inventions of ancient times, the abacus was used by merchants and traders across the globe to tally their earnings and do business. Our children use them to learn the process of high volume arithmetic and gain a firm understanding of the work they are doing.

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