Adolescent Program

Micro-Economy for A1

The adolescent community embarked on a new adventure in beginning their micro-economy with their Catholic peg dolls. One student developed the proposal for the peg dolls and gathered the supplies needed, painted them, packaged them, and ensured they would be ready for sale. With A1 classmates assisting, the adolescents sold the peg dolls at Grandparent’s

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Theory of Adolescence

The article below explains the 3rd plane of development, ages 12-18 and how Maria Montessori’s Adolescent theory seeks to build up the “social man.” “At the time when we would expect an increase in responsibility, capability, academic performance, and independence, the adolescent appears to regress, and is less able to do what society expects of him than

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Thanksgiving Feast

Last Tuesday, our two campuses came together to celebrate our Thanksgiving Feast with the elementary and adolescent communities. It was a beautiful sight to see and there was so much joy and laughter present. In the week preceding Thanksgiving, I encouraged the adolescents to share to the Lord what they were grateful for during morning

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Mass of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit was invited and HE CAME. Yesterday, the E2 and A1 groups went with 10 WOS adults to the U.S. Bank Vikings Stadium to attend the CSCOE Mass of the Holy Spirit. The students displayed their extraordinary leadership and witness amidst 13,000 other Catholic School Students through leading the rosaries on our bus

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Hiking and the Story of Life

On Friday, September 7th, nine middle schools students ventured into Bunker Park for a quest of learning. They read maps, noticed cattails, leaves, grasshoppers, and types of trees and they also noticed a big chart sticking out of their guide’s backpack. After voyaging to a shelter to eat their rations for lunch, their guide told

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Seder Meal 2018

Next week, the students will complete their Lenten Journey in the classroom. As a group we will focus on the “Triduum”, the final three days of Jesus’ life before His passion and death, with an emphasis on the Resurrection.  On Tuesday, March 27th your student will experience a simplified version of the traditional Jewish Seder meal,

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