The Garden

“The child, who is the greatest spontaneous observer of nature undoubtedly needs to have placed at his disposal, material in which to work.” In addition, “No one of whom I know except for St. Francis, has admired the modest insect and the perfume of the unattractive little plants, as does one of our little ones.”   […]

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In the Words of the Children

During the Season of Advent we will be pondering the great Mystery of the Incarnation in the Atrium. Here are a few thoughts from the children to help us in our own wonder over this great gift… Recalling the Prophecy of the Light: “The people who walked in darkness have seen a Great Light.” (Isaiah

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The Liturgical Calendar

The Liturgical Calendar is composed of 52 prisms, inner and arcs and arrows and two outer arcs. These pieces are built with great care, precisely in order, outside the puzzle frame to recreate the cycles of the liturgical year. At each Level of the Atrium the children are invited to work with this material in

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The Structure of the Mass

The study of the Eucharist begins in the Atrium at the age of three with the presentation on the Model Altar which focuses on the names of the articles used at Mass. The preparation for the reception of Eucharist in 2nd grade forms, in some ways, the highlight of and focus of all work with

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Stone Soup

The children are always very excited about our Stone Soup Celebration! Before Thanksgiving, we read the book Stone Soup by Marcia Brown. The story is about hungry, ill received soldiers traveling home who teach a community about generosity and collaboration.  The children make their own stone soup to enjoy together.  Students clean, peel and chop the

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Thanksgiving Prayer

Each Atrium session ends with a few minutes at the prayer table, as we gather for Communal Prayer. In Children’s House (Level I), this prayer is led by the adult, with many opportunities for the children to suggest songs and contribute their prayers of thanks and praise. In Elementary (Levels II and III), the children

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All Saints Day Celebration

The children began their day greeting one another in a peaceful way as the quantity of our Saints slowly arrived. It was truly beautiful to observe and listen to the conversations regarding their chosen Saint. Shortly there after, we processed together to celebrate an all school Mass with with Fr. Blume. The Mass was beautiful. The children eagerly returned

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North Campus Atrium

This year we began an expansion project which included adding a brand new Children’s House environment. While the elementary children at North Campus are transported to the South Campus Atrium each week, we set up a Atrium just for our North Campus Children’s House children so that they can experience time in the Atrium, the

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