The Child’s Sense of Order

Dr. Montessori observed that young children are in a time of particular sensitivity to specific parts of the environment. These “sensitive periods,” as she called them, are characterized by interest, concentration, and repetition. They leave the child refreshed and energized even though the activity in which the child is involved may be intense and prolonged. Four …

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The Good Shepherd

In presenting the Parable of the Good Shepherd to the children, one of the questions that is always asked regards the identity of the sheep. Jesus is very clear in revealing that He is the Good Shepherd…but He leaves us (and we leave the children!) the opportunity to discover who these sheep are that have …

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The Found Sheep

After receiving the presentation on the Parable of the Good Shepherd at the age of three, and having had plenty of time to come back and work with the material, the child is invited to listen to the Parable of the Found Sheep in order to hear more about this Good Shepherd and His love …

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The Call of the Prophet Isaiah

From the age of three, the children in the Atrium have been pondering messages of the prophets. A prophet has been defined for them as one who listens deeply to God and speaks His message to the people. The children have fallen in love with Isaiah’s Prophecy of the Light: “The people who walked in …

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Level III Work

The Plan of God. The Propers of All Saints Day. The Complete Missal The Propers of the Mass. Analyzing Parables with Maxims. The Vertical Liturgical Calendar. The Parousia. The Propers of Christmas. The Complete Missal.

Thank you, God!

As we approached Thanksgiving, the children took time to thank God for many of His beautiful gifts. Below is a collection of the “litany of thanks” they lifted up during prayer… Level I, 3-6 year olds: – The Light – Mary and the Saints – Popes and Bishops – Jesus – God – Grandmas and …

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The History of the Kingdom of God

In the past few weeks there have been many “History of the Kingdom of God” materials in use. In addition, the children have had opportunities to list what they think about when they hear that phrase. The following is the brainstorming they were able to do after which they identified each statement as belonging to …

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In the Words of the Children

After the candles were lit at the Model Altar, a 3-year-old said… – “I want to go to the Church.”  After restoring her work, she immediately re-set the Altar. Again, when the candles were lit, she said… – “I want to go to the Church.” The following week the same response followed the lighting of …

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The Gestures Altar

The Gestures Altar is a favorite material in the Level I and II Atria. Pondering the idea that gestures/movements have meaning, looking at one moment of the Mass in isolation, and linking individual prayers together to see the beauty and unity of the Mass all seem to factor into the children’s love of this station. …

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