Receiving and Responding to Gift

In the Level I (3-6 year old) Atrium we speak often about the many gifts that God has given to us. We “open and enjoy” them, lifting them up and marveling at God’s goodness. His plan for fullness of life was foretold by the prophets, witnessed to by angels and shepherds, Jews and Gentiles, learned […]

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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, as understood and experienced by the 1st – 3rd graders and the 4th – 6th graders in the Atrium through the materials and in their own words…     Knowledge: Knowing God more and more each day. – Sanctuary lamp: “It helps us know Jesus is with us.” –

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The Cross Mass

This past week we entered the Season of Lent with Ash Wednesday. Our school Mass was celebrated on our North Campus and it was so beautiful to see the children helping to lead our worship. At the end of Mass, the 2nd year children were invited to come forward, and they and the crosses they

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The Mystery of Life and Death

Before entering Jerusalem for the last time, Jesus tried, once more, to prepare the apostles for what was about to happen. As usual, He spoke in parables, this time referring to a grain of wheat and how that seed must die so that more life, much life, an abundance of life, might come (John 12:24).

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The City of Jerusalem

During the season of Lent, one of the most popular materials in the Children’s House (Level I) and Lower Elementary (Level II) Atria is the City of Jerusalem. With this material the children are introduced to and continue to ponder the events of Holy Week. Beginning during Lent in their second year in the Level

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The Cenacle

The Cenacle or Upper Room is the traditional way of referring to the location in which the Last Supper took place in the City of Jerusalem. In the Atrium, children as young as three are introduced to the feast of Passover as a special celebration in which the Jewish people eat the same foods and

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Our Final Week of Christmas

What a gift to continue our celebrations! The world has moved on, but we continue to rejoice and celebrate the great gift of Jesus, God and man, one of us yet God Himself! Here are a few “treats” from the children… The Prophecy of the Birthplace (Micah 5:1a) Catechist: “Bethlehem is ‘least.’ What else is

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The Geography of the Holy Land

In the past forty-eight hours of being back in the US, I have had many people ask me about my time away. The past two weeks contained many, many experiences that I will likely never have words for. God speaks in the heart with His own language, affirming and confirming, loving and teaching, healing and

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The Pearl of Great Price

Matthew 13:45-46: “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant searching for fine pearls. When he finds a pearl of great price, he goes and sells all that he has and buys it.” Seeing a 5-year-old returning the “Pearl of Great Price” material to the shelf, the catechist commented, “I wonder why Jesus told

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